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Community Fund

With Mid-Ohio Energy's Community Fund, your spare change can help to make a tremendous difference in the lives of those who need help within our community. Help us to help others by participating in the Community Fund program.

By signing up, your electric bill is ‘rounded up’ to the next highest whole dollar amount. For instance, if your actual electric bill is $83.87, it will be rounded up to $84. The additional 13 cents provides monetary assistance for various charitable and non-profit organizations.

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Who We Are

Mid-Ohio Energy Cooperative is an electric cooperative formed by those we serve to bring safe, affordable, and reliable electricity to better the lives of our members and communities.

We are a member-owned electric distribution cooperative with headquarters in Kenton, Ohio, responsible for 1,335 miles of line and serving nearly 8,200 meters. The Cooperative has two offices (located in Kenton and Marion) and serves members in parts of 10 north-central Ohio counties.